Selected Publications

Using multiple data sources on mass public shootings paired with survey data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study and Pew Reseaerch Center, we investigate the effect of living near a mass public shooting on attitudes toward gun control.
British Journal of Political Science, 2017

We use data from a rare set of local opinion polls conducted by Lord Ashcroft in British constituencies in the run up to the 2015 UK General Election. Although hampered by their generally small size, limited fundraising capacity, and reliance on volunteers, local parties do appear to respond to new information on the ground. Our results indicate that parties tend to put more effort into local campaigns in seats where an opinion poll had been carried out, and the more competitive the poll suggested their race was, the more resources they devoted to it.
Electoral Studies, 2017

Using data from several nationally representative survey experiments, we demonstrate that Americans take significantly greater offense to transgressions (e.g., being in the country illegally, working without paying taxes, and rejecting symbols of American identity) when the perpetrating immigrant is ethnically Hispanic rather than white.
Political Behavior, 2013

Using two survey experiments and observational data, we investigate whether incidental exposure to a foreign language (e.g., Spanish) increases feelings of cultural threat and support for anti-immigrant policies.
Political Psychology, 2012

Using two survey experiments, we examine whether an ideological identity match between the source of a framed message and the respondent moderates framing effects.
Political Behavior, 2009


. Mass shootings and public support for gun control. British Journal of Political Science, 2017.


. Easing the heavy hand: Humanitarian concern, empathy, and opinion on immigration. British Journal of Political Science, 2013.

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. Socially mediated internet surveys: Recruiting participants for online experiments. PS: Political Science and Politics, 2013.


. Are citizens 'receiving the treatment'? Assessing a key link in contextual theories of public opinion and political behavior. Political Psychology, 2013.


. Social dominance and the cultural politics of immigration. Political Psychology, 2013.


. Foreign language exposure, cultural threat, and opposition to immigration. Political Psychology, 2012.


. Who said what? The effects of source cues in issue frames. Political Behavior, 2009.

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